Polyurethane is a compact elastomer...

...with the property of withstanding strong compressive stress and it is characterized by high abrasion resistance, it is weather resistant, it is inert compared to most chemicals and can be reinforced with inserts and metal parts. It is thanks to these properties that polyurethane is used in many different fields. The wide range of technical items produced by URETEC s.r.l. therefore meets the requests of the most diverse sectors, from the paper industry to the steel industry, from the naval industry to marble processing, from the ceramic to the textile or petrochemical sector. Gaskets, elastic elements, shock absorbers, metal parts coatings, ship buffers, snow plow blades are just some of the technical items produced by the company.

The possibility of processing different materials, combined with the experience gained over the years, allow URETEC s.r.l. to obtain manufactured products and coatings with different geometries and with a hardness ranging from 55ShA to 70ShD, thus combining the elastic qualities of natural or synthetic rubbers to the hardness and strength of plastics.

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Areas of application

The applications developed in almost 30 years of activity are hundreds, among which we can find:
• shock absorbers for breakers;
• coating of wheels;
• coating of metal structures;
• anti-vibration systems;
• guiding profiles for multiwire cutting machines for granite and marble;
• techincal items for industrial applications;
• rollers for steel mills;
• parts sensitive to wear for concrete and batching;
• snow-removing blades, wear and tear parts and elastic components for snow-ploughs;
• scrapers for industrial conveyors;
• shovels for concrete mixers;
• magnetic plates;
• off-shore field’ articles;
• no crush wheels for paper-converting;
• wear-resistant parts for agriculture;
• hydrocyclones/cleaners for paper mills.