In applications where abrasion level is high...

...such as in the treatment of pulp made of waste paper, wear is not a phenomenon concentrated exclusively in the terminal parts of cyclones/cleaners but also extends to the lower parts of the feed heads made of stainless steel.

URETEC s.r.l. can evaluate the recovery of these parts by realizing customized solutions that can provide the cutting of excessively worn parts and their subsequent replacement with metal parts covered with polyurethane, characterized by a greater resistance to wear.

URETEC s.r.l. has developed over the years a wide range of spare parts for the most popular models of cleaners, using the excellent properties of wear and corrosion resistance of polyurethane, which make this material an excellent alternative to injection plastic and stainless steel.

The wide range of materials and the possibility of using them with hardness ranging from 55 Sha to 70 Shd, allow Uretec Srl to cope with the requests of use in a very high number of applications.